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Most people who have heard of Ingersoll-Rand typically think of the company as a construction machinery maker. Thatís understandable because, beginning with predecessor companies, Ingersoll-Rand has participated in the worldís construction industry since 1871. Now, however, that primary identification of Ingersoll-Rand overlooks the companyís tremendous diversification. To learn more about Ingersoll-Rand and their umbrella of companies.

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DD-12 DURA-PACô Vibratory Asphalt Compactor

Ingersoll-Rand has developed a new technologically advanced line of vibratory asphalt compactors. The new DD-12 double drum vibratory compactor offers high performance in an ergonomically styled compact package. This compactor provides unsurpassed overall value through industry leading drum performance, unmatched operating intervals, and more standard safety features than any machine in its class. No matter how complex the conditions or how demanding the schedule, the DD-12 provides a distinct competitive advantage.

Smooth Drum Performance

As a leader in the compaction industry, Ingersoll-Rand understands the needs of the Hot Mix Asphalt contractor. Our optimum drum performance results from the ideal combination of amplitude, centrifugal force, and frequency for the most effective and efficient compaction of the widest range of materials. The DURA-PACís amplitude provides application versatility, the centrifugal force provides the energy necessary to achieve proper density, and the frequency provides closer impact spacing at a faster rolling speed. Every drum is manufactured with robotic precision and receives a chamfered edge to produce a smooth, professional quality finish on every job.

Rugged and Reliable

The DURA-PAC Series of compactors has been designed with extra emphasis on durability and reliability. Powered by a rugged 16.5 hp Briggs & Stratton Vanguard gasoline engine, the DD-12 is equipped to handle the most demanding work conditions. The DD-12ís functional design and durable components will keep it operational for many years and is backed by a one-year/1000 hour parts and labor warranty.

Redefining Comfort and Safety

The DURA-PAC Series has been engineered to optimize operator comfort and safety. The entire machine has been ergonomically designed to enhance visibility, to minimize operator fatigue, and to maximize operator comfort. The operatorís platform is isolated to minimize vibration feedback, and has all controls positioned to ensure maximum comfort and ease of use. Ingersoll-Rand provides the highest level of standard safety features available today.

The DD-12 features an engine designed for the most demanding requirements. The compactor is equipped with the fuel-efficient, Briggs & Stratton 16.5 HP at 3000 rpm Vanguard gasoline engine. This reliable Vanguard engine provides excellent cold weather starting characteristics and gives the DD-12 a high horsepower to weight ratio for superior operation in all conditions.

Drums are constructed of durable carbon steel with thick shells to provide a long life. Every DURA-PAC drum is machined to achieve maximum symmetry with edges chamfered for optimum performance on Hot Mix Asphalt.

Each compactor offers the ideal combination of eccentric weight, drum width, centrifugal force, frequency and amplitude to provide the most efficient compaction of materials. This combination allows for the highest versatility and the best overall performance, making the DD-12 the contractorís first choice.

The DD-12 has an amplitude that was designed primarily for Hot Mix Asphalt compaction. However, the entire DURA-PAC Series is equally effective for soil sub-base and aggregate base applications.

With a centrifugal force of 3300 lbs. (14.7 kN), the DD-12 provides the compaction necessary to achieve maximum density and smoothness in fewer passes. The force is designed proportionally to match drum width with overall output to ensure maximum productivity. The operator can choose front drum vibration only or static mode.

Each DURA-PAC model has the highest frequency in its classó4000 vpm. This frequency allows for optimum impact spacing at higher rolling speeds providing a smooth, dense, quality pavement. The DD-12ís frequency makes it the most productive and efficient compactor in its class.

4,000 VPM / 12 impacts per foot x 88 fpm = 3.8 mph (6.1 km/hr)

The DURA-PAC Series has been designed to optimize operator comfort and safety. Isolation of the front vibratory drum, positioning of the operator platform on the rear frame, plus 4-point isolation of the operator platform from the frame eliminates nearly all vibration feedback from reaching the operator. The operatorís platform is skid resistant with safety kick plates. Convenient grab handles are integrated into the standard

Roll Over Protective Structure (ROPS).Operators have access to the unit from both sides. The manually-applied parking brake with test switch, emergency stop switch, seat safety switch, and propulsion control with neutral start are all designed to provide a safe work environment.

The DD-12 has a large capacity 52-gallon (197 liters), rotationally molded, polyethylene water tank which provides extended intervals between refills. The variable water flow control and spring-loaded, self- adjusting, neoprene wipers distribute water evenly across each drum.

High curb and low side clearances allow for efficient maneuvering around curbing and other job site obstacles. The hose-tube-hose configuration in the drum area is utilized to provide superior wall and curb clearance. The DURA-PAC Seriesí small size, low sloping hood, and tight turning radius allows the compactors to operate in confined areas.

The DURA-PAC Series has been designed with an extra emphasis on comfort, simplicity and ease of use. Propulsion and vibration controls are conveniently located to the right of the operatorís seat. Drum vibration is controlled manually by a button on the propulsion lever.

The four daily checkpoints are unobstructed and have been positioned to make preventative maintenance easy and effortless. The engine enclosure lifts easily, giving ground-level access to the engine, radiator, battery, and filters. Color-coded service charts show detailed check-point locations, service intervals and proper lubricants.

Machine Weights

Operating Weight
2,954 lb. (1340 kg)
Static Weight at Front Drum
1,254 lb. (569 kg)
Static Weight at Rear Drum
1,521 lb. (690 kg)
Shipping Weight
2,389 lb. (1084 kg)

Machine Dimensions

Overall Length w/ROPS
80.1 in. (2034 mm)
Overall Length w/o ROPS
80.1 in. (2034 mm)
Overall Width
38.94 in. (989 mm)
Overall Height top of steering wheel
60.35 in. (1533 mm)
Overall Height top of ROPS
88.15 in. (2235 mm)
Drum Base
55.1 in. (1400 mm)
Curb Clearance
13.27 in. (337 mm)
Side Clearance - Left
1.83 in. (46.5 mm)
Side Clearance - Right
1.67 in. (42.5 mm)
Outside Turning Radius
108 in. (2740 mm)


Rolling Width
35.4 in. (900 mm)
Overall Diameter
21.9 in. (556 mm)
Shell Thickness (nominal)
0.39 in. (10 mm)
Machined/chamfered edge


4000 vpm (47.5 Hz)
Centrifugal Force
3,300 lb. (14.67 kN)
Centrifugal minimum per drum
8,970 lb. (40 kN)
Amplitude Settings
Nominal Amplitude
0.014 in. (0.35 mm)
Type System
Open Loop
Vibrating Drums
Front or Static
Vibration Isolation
6 shear block isolators


Type System
Closed-loop hydrostatic,
series circuit
Drum Drive
Motor: Radial Piston, low-speed high torque
Speed (Forward and Reverse)
0-5 mph (0-8 km/hr)
Gradeability (theoretical)


Make & Model
Briggs & Stratton Vanguard
Rated Power @ 3000 rpm
16.5 hp (12.3 kW)
2-cylinder Gasoline
34.8 cu. in. (570 cc)


Dynamic hydrostatic through propulsion system
Mechanical, cable controlled


Centerpoint articulation
Type System
Double-acting, hydraulic, single cylinder
Articulation Angle

Water System

Tank Capacity
52 gal. (197 liters)

Miscellaneous Specifications

Fuel Capacity
7 gal. (26.5 liters)
Hydraulic Oil Capacity
9 gal. (34 liters)
Oscillation Angle
+/- 10°


Back-up alarm
Custom Painting
Inside Wipers